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Grilled Souvlaki Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love a plateful of good chicken wings?

They are easy to make and fun to experiment with. I am a big dry rub wing guy and I had to show you this recipe. A buddy of mine brought a rub back from Greece called Souvlaki, and it is a flavorful Mediterranean treat!

I tried to find this online for over an hour, but it may be a local spice. I'm sure any Soulvaliki rub will be just fine.

Traditionally, you skewer the chicken and eat it in a pita with all the fixins. But we are going to redneck this up a bit and make a batch of wings with it. This recipe scales nicely. I have added links to some of the things I use in this recipe.


1 bag of 2.5 pound wings (I used Foster Farms, but you do you)

1 cup of Souvlaki rub

1T baking powder


The first thing you must do when preparing wings is to dry them out really well. This ensures crispy skin, but I will show you another trick that takes it to the next level. Your guests will think you are a chicken wing Jedi!


Place the wings on a paper towel. Pat them dry using another paper towel.


Lightly drizzle or spray the wings with the avocado oil. This acts as a binder for the rub.


Combine the Souvlaki and the baking powder in a shaker and sprinkle on both sides of the wings. The baking powder dries out the skin as it cooks. Since this is a short cook we will need the baking powder to do its magic so we don’t overcook the wings.


Set the grill to 400 degrees. I used my charcoal Masterbuilt Gravity 560 with no extra wood for smoke. There isn’t enough cook time for it.


Grill the wings for 15 to 20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes. I set an alarm for this, but I know from experience that it will take about one beer to complete.


We are shooting for an internal temperature of 165. If you don’t have an instant-read thermometer, you are wrong.


The wings will cook to about 170, which is perfect. This ensures a clean bite off the bone. You can go up to 175, but any higher than that risks overcooking.


Bam, done! I eat them as is, but dipping them in tzatziki sauce adds an extra layer of yumminess and freshness.


Not gonna lie, this chicken wing method also works well in our air fryer. It has taken me a while to warm up to ours, but it is pretty good for this recipe. Just drop the cook time to 6 minutes, turn, and then cook for about 6 minutes more. You can even use the oven. You will make your neighbors jealous when they smell it!


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