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Peach Smoked, Orange & Bourbon Glazed Rotisserie Ham

Difficulty Level: Easy mode

This will be one of the best hams you will ever BBQ. The orange flavor spiked with the bourbon will make it a hit with your guests, perhaps to your detriment since they will want you to cook it for every special occasion (ask me how I know :D)!

"But I don't have a fancy rotisserie!"

No problem! Follow the rest of these instructions and put the ham in a tin pan and cook it on your grill.

We are going to start with a tasty baste and then we will add some more goodness to it for a glaze. Like BBQ sauce, we will put the glaze on towards the latter part of the cook so that we get that sticky, caramelly glaze without burning it to a crisp on the skin of the ham.


  • the juice from 3 oranges (or 1 cup of OJ)

  • the zest from 3 oranges

  • 2T garlic paste

  • 1 stick butter

  • 2T tyhme

  • 1T ginger

  • 2T bourbon whiskey (I used Four Roses)

  • 1T smoked paprika

  • 1C brown sugar

  • 1C apple cider vinegar

Combine in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir occasionally then set aside. You may need to reheat at some point during the cook since the butter will start to harden.


Add these ingredients to the baste later to make the glaze for the last part of the cook:

  • 3/4 molasses (I'm a country boy, what can I say?!)

  • 1/2 C more whiskey

  • 1T Dijon mustard


Meat Church Honey Hog

Main Attraction:

  • 10 to 12 lb bone-in ham (this one was precooked)

  • Rub all over with olive oil

  • Sprinkle a light coating of Honey Hog BBQ rub

  • Criss-cross score the skin so the baste can seep down into the meeting once it starts cooking. Mmmm

  • Insert the rotisserie rod into the hame and secure it with the forks. If you don't have a rotisserie then place the ham in a tin roaster pan and place directly on the grates.

  • Heat the grill to 225 - 250 degrees. I took the grates off my grill for this cook since the ham was so big.

This precooked bone-in ham took 4 hours to reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees.


  1. Turn on the rotisserie.

  2. Drink adult beverage

  3. Baste every 20 minutes.

  4. Drink adult beverage

  5. Once the internal temperature reaches 110 degrees, add ingredients to make the glaze.

  6. Brush on glaze every 20 minutes.

  7. Drink adult beverage.

  8. Once the ham reaches 140, turn off the rotisserie and let rest in the grill for at least 15 minutes. 30 minutes preferred.

  9. Eat, drink, and be merry.

Here is what I use to make BBQ a little easier:


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