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How to prevent (or fix) the number one reason for a solar service call

Regardless of the company in the solar industry, the number one cause for a service call is bad communication. It doesn't matter if it is an inverter, battery, or full solution energy storage system provider, communication faults comprise the bulk of their service records. Ask me how I know...

There are many components, particularly in an energy storage system, that communicate with each other. The inverter connects to the customer's router and sends production data to the cloud for display on an app or online portal. The lithium-ion battery management system communicates with the batteries. Any module-level devices under the modules also have a communication network. And let's not forget the customer's router. Routers disconnect, break, power cycle, etc. and this can affect the data upload to the app or portal.

This video covers a communication error my solar system suffered and what I did to correct it.


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