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Energy Storage Market Series Interview

Renvu asked me back to do another presentation on energy storage-related topics from my new book The Battery Powered Home: Foolproof Grid Tied Lithium Storage and I had such a great time! There were over 500 registered and it was one of the most engaging crowds I've had the pleasure to talk to in a long time.

Here are the topics I covered:

  • ESS terminology and what you need to know for a standard grid-tied system

    • Power (kW) vs. energy (kWh)

    • Surge/peak power

    • Duty cycle

    • Main vs. backup loads/panels

    • Whole-home vs. partial home backup

  • Basic electrical setup of a complete ESS and how it interconnects with the home

  • Lithium chemistry overview (pros and cons, who uses the chemistry, and why it matters)

  • A brief overview of AGM batteries

  • Understanding battery bank sizes

Renvu is a national solar distributor that sells solar and storage equipment, provides installer and homeowner services, and also financing for their products. In this presentation, I use my own home as a case study and show what it would take to back up my entire home using Renvu products.

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