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Foolproof Grid Tied Storage

"A must read for anyone who is thinking about investing in solar and storage!"

"The first impression of the book title indicates it is solely about powering a home with a battery when in fact the contents are so much more than that."

"This book is a game changer. If you are a homeowner or a solar professional, buy this book!"

In a Nutshell

This book is for two groups of readers:

1.  Curious but overwhelmed homeowners who are considering investing in a solar and storage system. Perhaps you have an electric vehicle and are considering the implications of this new purchase and how an energy storage system will affect EV charging. Or maybe you want to make a more informed purchase decision on a new system. You know those door-to-door solar salespeople? How would you like to know more than they do about solar and storage?

2.  Solar professionals who are leery about offering storage to their customers and want to know how to do it right.. Existing solar (and even storage) pros who want an easy-to-read resource to train their sales team or even their designers on the finer points of residential energy storage.

Ok, perhaps there is a third group:

Existing solar and storage companies that suck at their job, but I don't think they would read this book anyway.


Written by a master training specialist, the book begins with the basics, each chapter building on the last- industry lingo, basics of electricity that pertain to solar and storage, how to read an inverter datasheet, which specs on the datasheet are relevant (and which are bullshit), how to determine the right solar and battery size to fit the needs of the home, and how to manage customer expectations so everybody is happy.

Learn the major components of an energy storage system and how they interact with each other. Understand the equipment that is hanging on the side of the house and the different operating modes that can help you save money or even survive a zombie apocalypse! Learn about the black eyes of the solar and storage industry- it hasn't always been unicorns and Skittles.

Lastly, you will learn the important sizing and design context behind the cheeky question, "What color is the house?".


Homeowners, learn the secrets of the pros. Know what system you really need instead of what the salesman is trying to push. Protect yourself with the knowledge in this book that may very well teach you more than the person trying to sell you a solar and storage system!


Industry pros, for some of you, it is time to really dig into customer expectation management! For others, it might be time to put your big boy pants on and know more than the datasheets or the one-pager you rely on when talking to customers. If you are new to the industry then this book will teach you how to do things right before you develop bad habits that may cost you future revenue, or even future customers. 100% of the companies that follow the guidelines and processes discussed in this book are successful 100% of the time. Lower service calls related to poor energy storage systems design by up to 60%! 


This book is packed with solar and storage experiences that started in 2008. There is something in here for the novice who doesn't know the difference between a watt or a kilowatt-hour, to the industry veteran with hundreds of installs under their belt.


For solar professionals, the end game of this book is to increase your sales by accumulating a growing list of happy customers, as a direct result of an energy storage system that you properly designed using the techniques in his book. You will be the subject matter expert who can confidently talk to customers about the technology, how it works, and how it can provide decades of energy security.

For homeowners or curious self-taught engineers, this book will be the most important read of your life if you are considering an energy storage system investment. Do not go into this purchase blind! You have probably spent hours and hours researching other large purchases like an electric vehicle, a home, or a dream vacation. Why wouldn't you give the same due diligence to your renewable energy purchase?! Understanding how to properly size a solar and lithium-ion battery system for your home will prevent you from being in the dark, both figuratively and literally. Don't leave this important part of the process solely up to the solar company- know what the pros know so you can make an informed purchasing decision. 

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Mike Palmer, Western Regional Distribution Sales Manager for Megger, bought 5 copies of the Battery Powered Home for his sales team! (NABCEP 2022 Conference)

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