I finally did it. I wrote an Amazon #1 Best Seller and now the fun part begins! This site started as a landing page to promote my book but that wasn't good enough. It is a continuation of the book! There are big things happening behind the scenes. Like BBQ. I got really good at BBQ in 2020.


Besides, an entire site dedicated to solar might get boring if you aren't a solar geek like me or my friends.


Judging by the site's name, you might think the book is only about solar. But you would be wrong- take that, intuition! While I do talk about solar, the focus is lithium-ion batteries. The book is available on Amazon and Book Baby.  


Thank you so much for dropping by. Life is hectic and I appreciate your time.

Remember, if life gets too crazy- Stay calm and BBQ.


Click here to order a signed copy of Greg's book. 



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